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Max. Altitude:

2730 m.s.n.m

Group Size:

7 person(s)




Hike, Bus, Train

1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The 1 Day Inca trail is the fastest trek to Machupicchu and Yes! it is possible to hike part of the Inca trail and visit the archaeological site of Machupicchu in one day. It starts from the train route of KM 104. This route has more spaces available than the Classic Inca Trail with a moderate level climb. This trail features one of the most important archaeological sites, Wiñay Wayna ´Forever Young´. Stunning Inca ruins and beautiful mountainous landscape that enters through Sun Gate, where most classic photos of Machupicchu were taken.  A 02 hour private guided tour  takes you into the fascinating history of these spectacular ruins. 

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$427USD Per Person

1 Day

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Day 1: Cusco – Ollantay tambo – KM 104 – Wiñay wayna – Sun Gate – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes – Cusco

Your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 4am in Cusco for a 2-hour scenic drive with our private transport to the train station of Ollantaytambo. If you are already in Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, then your pick up will be at 5:30am. If you are in another town in the Sacred Valley, please contact our office to organize a suitable pick-up time.

Sit back and enjoy the scenic drive to Ollantaytambo in our private, comfortable and modern van. The journey takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to meet the Expedition Train at 6:10AM. From there we take the train to KM 104, the starting point of the Inca Trail. After crossing the Urubamba River on a picturesque foot bridge, you need to show your passport at the checkpoint.

Our first stop is only a few feet from the checkpoint. This archeological site is called Chachabamba (2100m). We stop to admire this archeological site that is known to have had a number of uses. Firstly, as a guardhouse because of its location at the foot of one of the entrances to Machu Picchu. The site also has many water fountains that were used for irrigation purposes. This site is surrounded by fertile land and was used by the Incas to grow things such as corn, quinoa and potatoes. Like many Inca sites it was also a very important religious monument, a testament to the value the Incas placed on Mother Earth (Pachamama).

After, we begin our gentle upward 1.5- hour hike towards the Wiñay Wayna archaeological site (2,650/8,747ft) also known as ´Forever Young´ in Quechua. Along the way enjoy stunning views of snowcapped mountain peaks like Mount Veronica, watch the calming Urubamba River as it gushes downstream to eventually meet up with the gigantic Ucayali River. Enjoy the expansive view of the valley, stopping at several outlooks to take Instagram worthy pictures. A short, but slightly steep climb leads us to a pristine waterfall only a few steps from the famous Wiñay Wayna.

  We rest here for a minute or so before taking on the steep hill leading to Wiñay Wayna. This site was built on the mountain side and when you view it from afar, it gives a magical illusion that its floating in the clouds. A stunning archeologic site that is ageless in its beauty and remains one of the most well-preserved archeological sites in the world. Wiñay Wayna is named after a beautiful orange orchid that grows abundantly all year round along the trail.  The various microclimates you get to experience along the way including the breath-taking cloud forest are a stark reminder of how far off you are from modern civilization.  The Inca Trail offers you a variety of flora and fauna unique only to this region.

Wiñay Wayna has a fascinating history and was only discovered in 1940. Which explains why this site looks so youthful compared to other sites on the trail. Some parts of it are still hidden by the dense jungle. Once we reach the top of Winay Wayna, we arrive at a campsite of the same name. This is where the Short Inca Trail and the Classic Inca Trial intersect.  We stop to rest, enjoy our gourmet box lunch and use the bathroom facilities available at camp. Also use this opportunity to ask your guide as many questions as you want about the Inca Trail, the Incas or any of the sites you have come across along the way.  

After our well-deserved break, we embark on our last hour of hiking.  Majority of the way is an easy enjoyable hike , where the Andes mountains meet the Amazonian Rainforest. Finally, you will reach the gringo killer steps or monkey steps. These steps are aptly named because they have provided a healthy challenge to a few gringos through the years and the easiest to concur them is to get on all fours and climb like a proper monkey. They are carved directly into the bedrock by the Incas and are the last short challenge before reaching the Sun Gate.

The Sun Gate (2,730m/9,00ft) is one of the main reasons for doing this hike. Upon passing through the Sun Gate, you get your first expansive, jaw dropping view of the Ancient Citadel of Machu Picchu. The Sun Gate gives you the first opportunity to take panoramic pictures of the citadel.  The sheer size of this monument is guaranteed to take your break away.  The rest of the way is a downhill hike on bedrock towards Machu Picchu. Upon arrival to the “House of the Guardians” you can take the famous postcard pictures of Machu Picchu with the imposing Huayna Picchu Mountain behind it.  

Your guide will give you a private tour of the citadel, about 2 hours, depending on your hiking speed. You will see some of the most important parts of Machu Picchu.

Take your time to enjoy in this magical Inca ruins, before you take the bus down to Aguas Calientes. In the evening at 6:20PM you will take the return Expedition Train to Ollantaytambo and catch our private van back to Cusco and your hotel.  Estimated arrival time in Cusco is 10:00PM.

Meals: Picnic lunch
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

***It is not possible to do the Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain climb due to time restraints

***You can upgrade to the Vistadome Train for $57. This train will depart from Aguas Calientes at 6:10pm.



  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel.
  • Pick up at your hotel.
  • Private transfer from your hotel to the train station.
  • Bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes.
  • Professional English-speaking guide.
  • Expedition Tourist Train – Ollantaytambo / kilometer 104 and Aguas Calientes / Ollantaytambo with a private transfer back to Cusco.
  • Admission Ticket to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.
  • 1 Box lunch.
  • Private guided tour of Machu Picchu.
  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen tank.


  • It is not possible to do the Huaynapicchu or Machu Picchu Mountain hike in one day.
  • Snacks such as chocolate bars, dried fruits, etc.
  • Dinner at Aguas Calientes.
  • Tips for the staff (Optional but greatly appreciated).


  • TRANSFER: from the airport to hotel included (Airport to Hotel in CUSCO only).


The 1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is available on any date as long as we have a minimum of 2 people except in February when it is closed for maintenance.

2 to 3 peopleUS$ 427 per person
+4US$ 417 per person
** This package includes circuit 1 or 2 for visiting Machu Picchu!
***If you are traveling alone, please contact us for a special private price or to find a group you can join.


  • Under 17 years and under: US $20 (Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.)
  • Under 11 years old: US $30 (Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.)


  • Upgrade to Vistadome: $57 per person from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo
  • Stay the night in Aguas Calientes: 2*,3*, 4* or 5*hotel.  (we will book your return train back to Cusco for the another day but you must book your own hotel.)


See if Inca Trail Permits are available for your preferred dates by selecting the Month, Year, and Date on the Calendar below! Hiking the Inca Trail requires a GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PERMIT obtained by a licensed Inca Trail Tour Operator. The government will only release a limited amount of Inca Trail permits each day, and EVERYONE will need a permit (even guides). Tickets sell fast, so you must book your trek in advance!

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Please read the following information! It will help answer any questions you may have about the 1 day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.


We will pick you up from the Cusco airport and take you to your hotel in Cusco. Please let us know your flight details at least 14 days before arrival. Our representative will be holding an orange sign reading ORANGE Nation outside the arrivals. You must exit the terminal to find our representative as they cannot enter. (Please let us know if your hotel is in the Sacred Valley so we can make the necessary arrangments). 


The Briefing will be the night before the trek at 6pm in our office which is located at Garcilaso Street 210 , Office Nº:213 (2and Floor) in the la CASA DEL ABUELO shopping center.


ABSOLUTELY! If so, email us indicating you want to comeback on the next day of the trek, then we will organize it for you.


FIRST, to book your Machu Picchu Tour, we need you to fill out our booking form by clicking on BOOK NOW on our homepage or click here – BOOK NOW.

We will need the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT in your group). This information is necessary to purchase the entrance tickets to Machu Picchu the train tickets:

  • Personal information (your full name, exactly as on your passport):
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • D.OB. (dd / mm / yyyy)
  • Nationality

SECOND, we require a deposit of USD 211.00 per person to purchase your entrance to Machu Picchu and train ticket. You can make you deposit by clicking on the PAYPAL symbol on the top of our home page, or you can click on the PAYPAL symbol on our booking page.

Stay hydrated

How do people feel after a night of drinking? Really thirsty! That’s how you’ll feel when you arrive in Cusco. As already stated, the body dehydrates quickly in high altitudes. It is recommended you drink lots of water before and during your trip to Cusco. Also, avoid heavy meals since your stomach takes longer to digest food at high altitudes. A diet of low proteins and high carbs is advisable.


Unfortunately No. Once the tickets have been bought, the government does not allow any changes. We cannot change any departure date after the tickets have been purchased. Tickets are also non-transferable nor refundable.

*** If you cancel your 1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, your deposit is lost! ***


DEFINITELY! You MUST bring your original passport with the SAME passport number you sent to us to book your entrance to Machu Picchu, train ticket, other entrances, and reservations. They will check when you enter Machu Picchu and to board the train.

In case you are renewing your passport or changing your name, please send us a COPY of your old passport to secure your permit, and we can change it when we receive a COPY of your new passport for a fee of $25 per person. We must have a copy of your old and new passport to make the change. Before you change your passport, keep a copy of your old one.

If you do not wish to pay this fee, you will need to bring both passports to Peru with you. You can enter Peru with your new passport, but you will need to show both passports, old and new to enter Machu Picchu or the train. If you do not have both, the guards will not allow you to enter into Machu Picchu or get on the train.

Remember to check your current passport to make sure it doesn’t expire within 6 months of your arrival to Peru!!! The Government of Peru is enforcing the existing law that requires all foreign travelers to have a passport valid for a minimum of six months past the time of entry into Peru. Peruvian authorities will deny entry into Peru for travelers not meeting this requirement.


OF COURSE! We will drop you off at your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley when we return from the tour. We will also pick you up from the Sacred Valley if you are staying there.


If you’re happy with the services provided, a tip is appropriate. It means a lot to the staff and their families who will take care of you during the tour. It inspires better service and is a major part of the tourism industry across many ORANGE Nation destinations. Of course, you are free to tip more or less what you want, depending on how you feel about the quality of service and the length of your tour.


We are a local, sustainable & responsible tour operator which functions according to the ethical principles of tourism. Protect the environment and help the indigenous communities by respecting their culture and religion. We have trained all of our staff to know, understand, and respect the local communities and the people living there. 


The 1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu DOES NOT INCLUDE an extra porter! You need to carry all your things, please try to pack as light.

  • Original Passport (Must be the same name and passport number used to Book the Trek).
  • Good daypack with extra room for your box lunch.
  • Water bottle: 1 – 2 liters (depending on how much you drink).
  • Comfortable hiking boots or shoes.
  • Toilet Paper.
  • Jacket.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear – just in case.
  • Snacks like chocolate bars, ice cream, cereal bars or dried fruits.
  • Rain poncho.
  • Camera.
  • Extra Money for Souvenirs, Drinks & Tips.

Traveller reviews

Join thousands of satisfied customers around the world

avatar default - Orange Nation
Christian B

10/10 Amazing experience

If you’re thinking about which agency to use, look no further- Ray and Jimmy went well above and beyond and made this a memorable, safe, fun, and professional experience.

Ray is the most knowledgeable guide I’ve ever had in any country for any excursion - during both the Short Inka Trail and the actual tour of Machu Picchu, Ray’s expertise shined through in his ability to give us a detailed background on every aspect of the history, climate, nature, flora, animals.. anything!

Likewise, Ray and Jimmy were truly the friendliest, kindest hosts that I could have imagined our group having.

Thank you both so much and I will definitely book with you again if (when) I come back!

Jan 2023 • Friends
default avatar - Orange Nation
Matt A

Awesome experience!!

Did the 2 day Inca trail with Ray and Jimmy they were great and knowledgeable. Ray not only guided us along trail to Machu Picchu but also was an excellent photographer and taught us the history. It was a group of 10 and we had a great time. Even everything going on in Peru, we always felt in good hands.

Jan 2023 • Friends

Short Inca Trial (2-Day)

This tour was the perfect experience for our (group of 10) short trip to Peru. The trail was sometimes challenging, but the views and history made it all worth it. Ray and Jimmy were our guides and imparted sooo much knowledge about the history of Peru, Inca, and beyond. I would definitely recommend!

Jan 2023 • Friends
avatar reviews - Orange Nation
Daniela Rabito

It was perfect! On the first day we had a great time exploring the Sacred Valley and see the main attractions and learn about the history of this beautiful place.

I would definitely recommend the short Inka trail, I think it was the best way to get to know Machu Picchu and the surrounding area. We arrived at Machu Picchu when most of the crowd was gone and it felt really special.

Abril 2023
avatar reviews - Orange Nation
Brittany Skulkety

You won’t regret booking with this tour company, especially if Liz Montesinos is your guide. My boyfriend and I did the 4 day Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain (private) tour. The tour covered everything; from transportation, hotels, meals, tickets and entrance fees, to stops at local places we would’ve never known to go or check out. We did a private tour because for us we felt this would help us get the most out of our time and experience in Peru

Dic 2022
avatar reviews - Orange Nation

Best mix of adventure, history and nature: Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

4-day trekking option seemed too intense for us, but we still wanted to experience the entrance to Machu Picchu through the ancient Inka trail, so we opted for Orange Nation’s combination of Sacred Valley & Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I couldn’t be more happy about our decision.

Dic 2022
avatar reviews - Orange Nation

We booked and paid the deposit to Orange Nation / Sam travel for the 4 day Inca Trail and Machu Pichu trip back in 2019. But we couldn't travel in 2020 and 2021 - but the company honoured our agreement and so we came back in 2022.

Dic 2022
avatar reviews - Orange Nation
Brittany Nicole
icono recomment - Orange Nation recommends Orange Nation Peru

You won’t regret booking with this tour company, especially if Liz Montesinos is your guide. My boyfriend and I did the 4 day Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain (private) tour. The tour covered everything; from transportation, hotels, meals, tickets and entrance fees, to stops at local places we would’ve never known to go or check out. We did a private tour because for us we felt this would help us get the most out of our time and experience in Peru. This tour had so many incredible things and places packed into 4 days.

September 16, 2022
avatar reviews - Orange Nation
Ray Besos
icono recomment - Orange Nation recommends Orange Nation Peru

My girl and i did the Machu Pichu trek tour with Orange Nation. It was seriously the most amazing experience that we'll never forget. Gorgeous views! The long trek was worth the amazing view. The tour guide was friendly and very knowledgeable. We considered other tours but chose Orange Nation because we liked the idea of smaller groups and this was definitely worth it. I will be using Orange Nation again next year when I come back to Peru!

November 29, 2018
avatar reviews - Orange Nation
Juliet Julz
icono recomment - Orange Nation recommends Orange Nation Peru

Wow, what a wonderful trekking experience! My trip to Peru was amazing thanks to this awesome tour that i took with Orange Nation. I did multiple tours with this company. I'm a solo traveler and everyone in my group was always still friendly and did not make me feel left out. I loved going off the beaten track with this company. It's much better to pay extra to go off the path for the quality experience of this amazing guided tour They definitely helped guide us and gave us a quality experience with a small group and paid special attention to each one of us. I highly recommend using Orange Nation for your next tour in Peru!

November 29, 2018


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