Orange Nation Making the Diference

“Our company’s mission and goals are to lead by example by being a socially responsible tour operator. As we trek through the Andes day after day, we want to share our love, respect and commitment to our local communities and surrounding environment by holding events such as our annual clean up campaigns. We raise awareness and also help maintain our beautiful and pristine trails by pickup up litter left behind. Below are some of the many social projects, we take part in throughout the year!”

Our Clean Up Campaigns

Orange Nation has annual clean-up campaigns that creates awareness towards people across the planet that have the same desires to help protect the environment. It is our commitment in creating a positive and sustainable contribution towards the quality of life for rural Andean communities.

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Plant A Tree Campaign

Orange Nation is concerned about the environment and believes it is our social responsibility to help preserve and conserve our planet. An example of this is deforestation in the Andes, there are numerous mountain slopes that are void of trees. Trees are critical for their beauty, their ability to protect the environment and its wildlife. The local livestock and people living near them are part of the deforestation issue as well. We are raising awareness by teaching these people and the surrounding regions that by planting trees. We can create a positive cycle in replenishing what is being cut down and replanting a tree in its place.

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Our Christmas Charity Campaign

Every year, Orange Nation organizes trips to isolated communities in the mission to spread Christmas joy to children and their families. We hold traditional chocolatadas, in which we share freshly made hot chocolate and hand out Paneton (a type of Peruvian fruitcake). We take Christmas gifts to these children for the reason, that they live in isolated places and most in poor conditions. They often do not have many toys, clothes or other material possessions such as school supplies. We are committed to spreading Christmas joy to these people by having traditional Christmas style parties for them.

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