Sacsayhuaman and Pisac 1 Day Tour

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$179USD Per Person

1 Day


This day tour visits the famous archeological site of Sacsayhuaman, three more archeological sites near Cusco and the ancient town of Pisac! Sacsayhuaman with its impressive Inca military construction protected the northeastern part of Cusco from invaders and is adjacent to the large Cristo Blanco Statue above the city. We also explore the archeological sites of Q’enqo, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay, which are located on the way to Sacred Valley and Pisac. The Inca Village of Pisac has the largest handicraft and textile market in the region of Cusco and the archeological ruins of Pisac are considered to be one of the most interesting Inca archeological sites in the country – besides Machu Picchu of course! The Inca tunnel and the Sacred Temple are constructed from pink granite. We will also explore one of the biggest Inca cemeteries with more than 2,000 tombs and admire the farming terraces built into the mountain. At the colorful Inca market in Pisac, you will have plenty of opportunities to test your bartering skills, interact with the local artisans and purchase their hand-made souvenirs, although you do not need to buy anything, but it is still fun to look around. Please note: The Cusco City Tour is only offered to our clients doing tours or treks to Machu Picchu.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel at 8 am in our private van to start our adventure! Our first stop is at the famous white statue above Cusco called Cristo Blanco, which is lit up 24 hours a day, watching over the city. There, we start our tour at the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, with its impressive Inca military construction, built with giant stones, some of which weigh up to 128 tons! Then, we explore the archeological sites of Q’enqo, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay, which are on the way to Pisac in the Sacred Valley.

Next, we stop at the mirador of Taray to appreciate an overhead view of the Sacred Valley. We then head to the Pisac archeological site, where you can see the biggest Inca cemetery with more than 2,000 tombs. There we can see the hand-carved farming terraces on the side of the mountain, explore the Inca tunnel, and the religious site of this famous Inca ruin. Here we will spend approximately 2 hours exploring the Inca city.

At the colorful market of Pisac we explore the Inca Village that is famous for it being the largest pre-Columbian style handicraft and textile market in the region of Cusco. There you will be able to appreciate a mixture of colors, Inca culture, and traditions. If you feel like buying something, you will have plenty of opportunities to test your bartering skills, interact with the local artisans, and purchase their hand-made souvenirs. You will discover Alpaca goods of all types, such as sweaters, shawls, hats, gloves, spreads, woven textile rugs, local silver jewelry, decorations, alpaca rugs, artwork, and trinkets of all types. Be sure to try the homemade pizza and empanadas made in large old fashioned Inca ovens. Here, we will take some time for lunch and try out all of the local food. We will return to Cusco at approximately 4 or 5 pm.

Read more about each site below!


Sacsayhuaman (which means satisfied falcon) is one impressive site built by the Inca as a fortress. The stones in the wall are incredible, with the largest weighing in at 128 tons. Archeologists do not agree on how they may have been transported to the location from the quarry. 

The Incas designed Cusco in the shape of a puma, with Sacsayhuaman as the head. Sacsayhuaman is still used today for the Inti Raymi festival held to celebrate the winter solstice on the 24th of June. 


The site of Q’enqo (meaning ‘maze’ in Quechua) contains many impressive hand-carved sections of bedrock. Everywhere carvings have been identified of llamas, condors, and snakes. There are many zigzag grooves on top of the natural rock, probably used for pouring sacrificial chicha (a local fermented beverage made from corn). Below the rock, there are a number of caves and passageways, an altar which was used for the sacrifices of lamas. In the caves, mummifications of buried people have been discovered by archeologists!

Puka Pukara

Puka Pukara is translated to ‘the red fortress’ in Quechua. This is a small site, and although the name suggests that it was a fortress, it does not appear to have had any defensive purpose. Some archeologists theorize that it could have been used to protect the water source at Tambomachay.


The name means “place of rest” in Quechua. It was the royal residence of the Inca Yupanqui when he went to hunt in the surrounding area. This site was also thought to have also been used as a Temple to the Water. There are some interesting aqueducts, canals and cascades sculpted out of stone, designed to channel water flowing from a nearby stream.


Located at the entrance of the Sacred Valley, you will find Pisac. It is a traditional Inca Village that is famous for being the largest pre-Columbian style handicraft market in the region. At this colorful Inca market, you will be able to interact with locals who make these unique, handmade items. You can shop for alpaca goods, blankets, rugs, local jewelry, and much more. If you don’t feel like shopping, taking in the atmosphere is a great way to experience the market as well. 


The Pisac archeological site is very impressive, and we will explore the Inca Tunnel and the largest ancient Inca cemetery with more than 2,000 tombs. Further down the mountain is the Temple Complex constructed from pink granite, featuring a sun temple, ceremonial altars, water channels, and wells. The ruin is surrounded by agricultural terraces that blend into the natural shape of the mountain.


  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Private transportation to visit all sites
  • Taxes


  • Entrance to Archeological sites: Purchase the Boleto Turistico (tourist ticket) is 70 soles (about $20 USD), at the first site you enter. You can visit as many sites as you like in one day with no further charge. There are no discounts with this ticket. IT MUST BE PURCHASED IN SOLES ONLY NO CREDIT CARDS OR US DOLLARS ACCEPTED
  • Drinks
  • Meals

The Sacsayhuaman & Pisac Tour available on any date that its best for you as long as we have a minimum of 2 people!

Group from 1 to 6 people$ 159 USD for the total group (not per person)
Group from 7 to 12 people$ 197 USD for the total group (not per person)

The Boleto Turistico (tourist ticket)

You have the option to purchase a 1 Day or a 10 Day Boleto Turistico. 

The partial ticket, or 1-Day ticket costs 70 soles (about $20 USD) and is valid for 1 day. You can visit as many sites as you like in one day with no further charge. There are no discounts with this ticket.

Both tourist tickets, 1-day or 10-day, allows access to different archeological sites in and around Cusco, the Sacred Valley, various museums in Cusco, the Main Cathedral, Qoricancha, and more. Doing this is the best way to visit these sites in Cusco and Sacred Valley. Most of the main archeological sites are not accessible for free nor are there individual tickets available to visit just one site.

The general ticket, or 10-Day Ticket is 130 soles (about $35 USD) and is valid for 10 days. This is the cheapest and most convenient way to plan to see different sites in a few days.

Here is a list of sites where you can use your Boleto Touristico:

  • Sacsayhuaman
  • Q’enqo
  • Puca Pucara
  • Tambomachay
  • Pisac
  • Ollantaytambo
  • Chinchero
  • Moray
  • Tipón
  • Piquillaqta
  • Pachacutec Monument
  • Cusco’s Native Art Center
  • Museum of Popular Art
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Museum of Regional History

Note : Entrance tickets to the main archeological sites like Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Tipón, and Moray cannot be sold individually. You must buy the Boleto Turístico to visit them. Buy the tickets on Avenida el Sol near our office or at the enterance of the first site that you are visiting. YOU MUST PAY IN SOLES, NO CREDIT CARDS OR US DOLLARS ARE ACCEPTED.

ImportantThese entrances are not included in the Boleto Touristico.  

  • The entrance to Qoricancha or Santo Domingo Convent (15 soles)
  • The entrance to the Cathedral (40 soles)
  • Maras Salineras (Salt Mines) (10 soles)


  • Warm jacket
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Sun protection
  • Some money for souvenirs and food
  • Money in soles to purchase boleto turistico (130 soles)
  • Original passport
  • If you are a student, take your University card (only gets a discount for the 10 day boleto turistico)

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Sacsayhuaman and Pisac 1 Day Tour
From: $179

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