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Extra Luggage

Orange Nation understands that passengers are concerned about what to do with your extra luggage while on a tour or trek.  We have the solution for our passengers. You can store your extra luggage with us at no cost or with your hotel in Cusco, if you are returning to that hotel. We have a safe secure location for storing luggage. We will provide a luggage ticket to our passengers, which identifies their luggage.

When is the Best Time to Give Orange Nation my Luggage?

The best time to give Orange Nation your  luggage is the morning or day that you are picked up by our driver to begin your trek or tour.  You can leave it with him and he will bring it to the office to be stored in our safe and secure storage area.

When Will My Luggage be Returned to Me?

It will be returned to you on the return from your trek or tour.  The driver will take you to our office to retrieve your luggage and then take you to your hotel.

If I Am Staying in Urubamba or Ollantaytambo, Can I Store My Luggage With Orange Nation?

If you are staying in Ollantaytambo or Urubamba before taking the train to start the Inca Trail or a tour to Machu Picchu, you can still store your luggage with Orange Nation.   All you need to do is give your  luggage to our driver when he picks you up to take you to the train in Ollantaytambo.  He will return your luggage to our office in Cusco, where we will store it until your return to Cusco.  If you are not returning to Cusco, please inform us at your briefing.  We will have our  driver that picks you up in Ollantaytambo bring your luggage with him when he picks you up.

 What to do if you are staying an extra night in Aguas Calientes?

Passengers that are doing the 1 day or 2 day Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu can only carry a limited about of personal items and clothes in their backpack. Those that are doing a tour to Machu Picchu can only take on the train  a carry on sized suitcase or medium size backpack.  The train does not allow anymore.

If someone is planning to stay a day or two extra in Machu Picchu and they really need their luggage, Orange Nation can get it to them in an extra duffel bag.  There will be a fee for this service.  ***Please check with the office at the time of your booking.

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