Clean Up Campaign

Orange Nation Peru believes in being committed in using ECO-TOURISM as a tool to encourage the protection of the natural environment. We encourage to love and respect nature through enhanced understanding and awareness, both in our staff and clients. We create frameworks where the ECO-TOURISM business promotes truly sustainable use of pristine natural environments and nature. These benefits are shared equally and fairly with local communities, with no damage to the natural environment surrounding them.

In addition to promoting ECO Tourism, we also have annual environmental projects to raise awareness in protecting our natural surroundings.  Our goals would be to promote eco-tourism in partnership with local communities, raise awareness in environmental welfare and teach others the importance of conserving our natural surroundings.

Find out ways to reduce, reuse and recycle materials in ORANGE NATION

Try to reduce the amount of waste you produce, as this is the best way to help the environment! If you cannot avoid producing the waste, try…

Think of ways you could reuse something, like shredding paper for your hamster rather than buying bedding or saving glass jars for storage. If you can not reuse something try…

Recycling (and composting)
This enables the materials you throw away to be used again by making them into new products.

We have annual cleanup projects, in which, we work with local schools and institutions to set an example to other businesses within our area.  Each year, we change our cleanup locations as we mainly focus on the trails we trek on.   This year’s cleanup was focused on the Lares trek, below are pictures from the project.