Tree Planting

Orange Nation as a travel agency is concerned about our environment and believes it is our social responsibility to preserve our planet. Due to deforestation in the Andes Mountains, there are numerous mountain slopes that are void of trees. Trees are critical for their beauty, their ability to protect the environment, and for all wildlife, livestock and the people living near them. Please note below the long list of the benefits of tree planting for our planet.
SAM Travel as a joint effort between the Kiswarani Indigenous Community and themselves planted 10,000 trees on the slopes of the Lares Valley. 70 people in 1 day with lots of hard work managed to cover the slopes of the surrounding mountains with 10,000 Queuna trees. They are native trees to the Andean Mountains and are better than the eucalyptus trees which people have planted in the past that are not native trees and take over and destroy the environment. The local Kiswarani community looks forward to when they will have the joy of the trees scenery daily, protection for the animals, and the natural hardwood for building and framing of homes.

Tree plantings benefit the land, animals, and people by:

  • Restoring or enhancing the natural beauty of the Andean slopes
  • Restoring the forest previous destroyed by deforestation
  • Reducing soil erosion and wind erosion.
  • Reducing water evaporation, preserving winter moisture, and protecting and improving water quality
  • Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Providing food and cover for wildlife and livestock.
  • Protecting livestock from the elements and especially the wind and cold
  • Increasing our supply of renewable resources
  • Restoring the supply of wood for the future
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